Life-Changing Moment

You know they say that you’ll experience something that will literally change your life? Cliché, yes I know – but in the last month, I’ve dealt with a life-changing experience that would most definitely change the rest of my life. That very moment when you have to face the fact that life won’t be ever the […]

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Quarter-life crisis, make a bucket list of places to visit. Obviously, this list naturally excludes The Big Apple. (DUH) 1) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Well, I’ve not been not many countries in Asian, much less Southeast Asian countries. Naturally, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Long Bay and everything in between would make this shortlist of places […]

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‘Til you start looking back

ok please play play to fully get into the end-of-year-what-have-I-done-mood. Unlike any other year, this year REALLY whisked by without me noticing it. It has been an incredibly surreal year of fantasy and bizarreness. Having spent almost three-fifth of 2014 in America (and almost half of 2013), it has been the absolute best year of my […]

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For Good.

It well may be That we will never meet again In this lifetime So let me say before we part So much of me Is made of what I learned from you You’ll be with me Like a handprint on my heart And now whatever way our stories end I know you have re-written mine […]

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move along

Some are long and some are weathered Some will lead you through a storm When you’ve gone astray you will find you way As you walk along these roads There were times when I stumbled and I wondered But every choice and every step I don’t regret Cause I have lived and I have loved […]

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