Someone Like Her

A simple black dress with sleeked back hair was all it took to make history. And of course, a voice that captivated the world. No need for gimmicks like a meat dress or spot towering head gear and skimpy outfits. Just. Raw. Talent.

She is Adele.

Adele at the 2011 VMAs

She made Billboard history after her recent performance of “Someone Like You” on the Video Music Awards. She was catapulted to the pinnacle on the musical world: a top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, even without releasing it as an official single. Not just that, it was the first ballad Number 1 song that featured plainly the vocals and a piano. I mean, where else can you find someone who can actually sing in today’s music industry? Well, other than the divas like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.

She has also been setting waves throughout this entire year, nabbing the top-selling single of the year with “Rolling in the Deep” and her sophomore album “21” is the best selling album of the year to date. It is also widely expected of her to score at least a handful of Grammy Awards at the 2012 ceremony.

Why are we so fixated with a girl from Tottenham? She isn’t exactly your everyday blond, beautiful celebrity (she is indeed curvy) that is constantly being thrust into our faces, whether we like it or not. She defies the norm of looking stick thin and has publicly spoken out about not succumbing to what the media expects her to be: a Barbie Doll. She holds her own ground. In her own words: “I make music for ears not eyes”. We are able to, then, perceive her as a strong individual whom we can relate to, and a role model on how the media should not make out who we are but we have to be individualistic.

A healthy chunk of Adele’s stunning album is largely in relation to her pains of breakups and past relationships, something that we all have in common. She pours her heart out and bares her soul on each song and is uninhibited by anything at all. The treads the thin line of being arrogant and humble about her experiences and luckily, she falls into the latter. Which hence, allows her to connect with her listeners on a highly personal level, highly relatable. Her music is a stark contrast to what is generally out in the market today, laden with sex, drugs and violent content. Maybe this is why she is the ‘it’ girl now.

Music is universal and it crosses culture and the message of Adele’s music is no difference. Her work transcends cultures and languages and everyone has a common interpretation of what she is singing about. Someone from China would essentially get the same message as someone from listening in Spain! This is the mark of a true artist.

She is a breath of fresh air, a novelty amongst her peers who markets herself based on just one attribute, the very tool that makes you a singer. Often, this is overlooked with the advancement of technology. One can be a mediocre singer but the aid of ‘Auto-Tune’ and, bam! You’re pitch perfect. Adele prides her work on her talent and she does not compromise it in any way. Her ‘live’ concerts are simple affairs, far from the glitz and glamour, but a stripped down intimate performace. It goes back to the roots of music.

Dave Grohl a drummer of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame had this to say about Adele:

“It’s the music. People are blown away that Adele is selling so many records. I’m not. That record is great! She’s got a beautiful voice, and people are shocked when they hear actual talent.”

“Music should be more than ad placement, more than synthesised looping of a voice that’s been Auto-Tuned and an image made to look like a superhero or supermodel.”

Beyonce told Adele:

“When I listen to you, I feel like I’m listening to God.”

Christina Aguilera met Adele and had nothing but praise for her.

Christina Aguilera has nothing but praise for Adele
Xtina has nothing but praise for the Brit songstress.

This lady can simply do not wrong at this point of time. Her stars are aligning and her future is shining brighter than ever. Her colleagues are simply being put to shame with this gimmick-less, down to earth singing lady.

Enjoy Adele in all her glory.


28 thoughts on “Someone Like Her

    1. her music is so universal and highly emotional and through her voice she makes us feel what she felt while writing the song. love this lady.

  1. I think her music transcends normal emotions. When she sings, it feels like her emotions are raw, untouched, real and most of all, beautiful. I think that’s who she really is. That’s my perspective, my 2 cents worth.

    1. Yupp, I mean that is what singing is all about and not like the diluted pool of so called singers we have dominating the radio channels today. Maybe Adele can be the catalyst to whip the music industry back to its glory days where singers actually had to be able to sing? No?

  2. Awesome choice of artist! Adele is one of the most powerful singers of the decade. With her ethereal, looks and stunning voice, she has definitely made her mark in Hollywood regardless of her size, which is assumed to be the most important factor to achieve success in the entertainment business. However, people have failed to view substance over style. Who in the world cares if she’s a tad heavier than her other peers? Why does it matter? The fact that people are constantly expecting entertainers to fit a certain image, disgusts me. They should be critiqued on their talents and not on their looks or physique.

    1. Definitely! What Adele said is so true. She said she makes music for ears not eyes and that proves a lot about her as a person and artist. I agree with you. Does being thin and to fit the mould of a ‘marketable’ image give to the talent to sing? Maybe they can shift records but once the audience realise these people lack the substance, they will be anything but a fading star once their 5 seconds of fame is up. Maybe Adele could well be the direction that the fickle music industry need now to get back to its glory days?

  3. Personally love her songs and her outstanding voice that she has. It’s different from what other singers sings to convey a message across. With her dedication and devotion, I’m sure she will go on to greater heights in her music career!

    1. She’s definitely one of a kind and yea, with her dedication and devotion I’m pretty sure she will continue breaking new grounds and inspiring more people!

  4. Love this song,love her style and love your post Jeff!! (: Indeed,it’s good to see TRUE MUSIC being appreciated and reaching the masses worldwide! ❤

    1. Finally the world is appreciating true music right?! After being saturated with Auto-tuned wannabes, its time for change!

  5. Wow. I never knew she was that awesome. Hope she will continue to change and influence the music industry and bring it to greater heights. Amazingly impressive. A very deep thought, well written article with a rather balance view of Adele.

    1. Hahas, yupp…she’s been leaving her mark on anything she stepped on with this new album! Everything she’s touching is turning into gold. Hopefully her dominance will continue to shine and make the change we need no in just in the music industry but a ray of hope to all?

  6. I look up to Adele for not allowing anything affect her passion in producing music. Her lyrics are gripping and her powerful voice takes my breath away, literally. She sings her whole soul out, which makes her songs really meaningful and touching.

    1. The way that she is able to connect with her audience is simply astounding. She understands the basics of communicating with and hence I believe that is why she is soo successful yet being prides on being a simplistic person.

    1. Totally agree. She is a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully her success will bring about changes on the emphasis in actually singing and not just giltz and what not.

  7. Adele is one of the few singers whom I love. It’s so pure and uplifting at times. I sincerely hope that this generation would listen to her songs instead of the controversial singers, who rely on their eccentricities to gain attention and popularity.

    1. Absolutely! She inspires an entire generation and she is the calm in the storm and her lyrics are really meaningly and they touch one on a very personal level.

  8. I LOVE ADELE!! she’s simply stunning and she sings songs that relate to people. people listen to her music because in the down side of life, she sings their song. nice write up you’ve got!

    1. I LOVE HER TOO! even though she is not a ‘Barbie Doll’ she is very beautiful in every single way and its empowering to see her not being brought down by naysayers! Favorite quote of hers “I make music for eyes, not eyes.” She touches the heart!

      Thanks for the complement! (:

  9. Totally love her. I first heard her on One Tree Hill with Chasing Pavements and went on to listen to all her oter songs after that. She is gifted with such a beautiful voice. Her songs are so easy to connect to and are meaningful. Totally agree with you. She is known solely for her singing. No other dramas attached.

  10. She is really talented! Its amazing how someone can have so much talent within, best part of all she does not fall into the stereotyped Hollywood singers perception of beauty (skinny and skimpy). Adele is a good role model as she embraces her body image gracefully, such acceptance is commendable! 🙂

  11. Many of the timeless greats didn’t get there by looking pretty. Take a quick look at the greats and you see one trait that is almost always there: the ability to conjure deep emotions in their listeners. Annie lennox is a prime example. Apart from her unique voice, her songs astound due to the emotions it stirs up in people. Dionne Warwick, K d lang etc. Adele has this wonderful gift and it will take her far. The pop fads almost always fade, but the fundamentals of music remain. A good relatable heartfelt song will last, while Justin Bieber (no disrespect to the dude) will fade with all the rest. Hope she recovers from her throat thingy lol

  12. She is indeed my fav singer now!!!! She is very true to her music n she has insanely beautiful voice.

  13. I LOVE ADELE =)

    Once in a while, the music industry needs someone like her to remind us of what ‘real’ music is all about. In this world where auto tune exists for Ke$ha, and Rebecca black, makes you wonder where have all the good old singing gone to? Adele gives people hope that there’s more than just sex, lust, drugs in the world, that there’s still raw feelings that people feel in the world.

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