Where Them Girls At

The media today is like an uncontrollable raging forest fire which is showing no signs of the flames dying off and in fact, it still is able to burn brightly when there is nothing left. The effects of the mass media is HUGE.

Watching the trailer for “Miss Representative” it really shows how much the double standards portrayed in the media has done to many, including children. We never really considered how the media can negatively affect us on a personal level and making matters worse, we are ‘blind’ consumers of this genre. In today’s modernized world, it is utterly disgusting to see women being put in roles that are degrading and that their worth is only in their appearance, not how intellectual they are. In fact, an intellectual woman is regarded as a bitch and men will come up with ways to shut her up and out. If a guy has multiple partners, he’s THE MAN but if a girl does the same, she’s labeled a WHORE. Double standards or what?

The increasing phenomenon of globalization of the mass media has allowed more of such negativity to transcend into many markets who once did not have access to such degrading content. If a 14 year old is able to question to fundamentals of the industry, why is that the executives sitting in the comfort of their air conditioned offices not realize the damage it is doing to the masses from a really young age. Do they want young girls to have a skewed image of what beautiful looks like grow up thinking and feeling they are never good enough, never pretty enough and never thin enough?

Is this what the media want young girls to define as Beautiful?

This lady is Isabelle Caro, a French model who died a year ago at the age of 28. She battled with anorexia since she was 13 years old because she never felt thin enough to be a model. When she finally realized her folly, she turned around and begin fighting the anorexia and eating disorders, opening up about her personal struggle with anorexia and warned other girls about the affliction. Her story still lives on and it has even inspired fashion houses to place a restriction on overly thin models strutting down the cat walk in fashion shows in Europe.

An interview with Isabelle Caro.

Forget Miss Universal or Miss World beauty pageants. We have taken pageants to a whole new level.

What are kids today exposed to?
Do we really want our children to grow up around superficiality?

Beauty contests just for children aged between ONE and THREE. (!!!)

In the United States, a reality series Toddlers & Tiaras pits (you guessed it) toddler against toddler in beauty pageants meant just for them. What values and message are theory trying to send to millions of young girls around the world and in America itself? If you ever catch an episode of this series, you will be appalled at what the toddlers are doing. Making out the world requests for tanning, for particular beauty regimes if not, they will not appear on stage. Would it inevitably cause these girls who can barely think for themselves to end up one day like Isabelle Caro? Is this really the environment that we want our children to grow up in? Surrounded by superficiality? It is a disturbing fact that a typical American child would have spent more time on TV than he or she will ever spend in school. Shocked? So parents, better start restricting your children’s TV time.

One of the important fixtures of our 21st Century would the unhealthy obsession with celebrities. Many gossip websites strive to provide their readers with up-to-date, minute-by-minute detailed reports of the latest on goings in Hollywood and celebrities around the world.

Just Jared
E! Online
Popular Gossip Blog: PerezHilton.com

Our need for constant updates of our favorite celebrities are made easily available through the internet on gossip blogs such at perezhilton.com or eonline.com. Hordes of readers from all around the world throng to such websites everyday to pry into the lives of celebrities. (I admit, its my guilty pleasure.) In a nutshell, although these sites primarily revolves around news about celebrities, they touch also the major happenings around the world and even weird quirky news involving your everyday people doing terribly stupid things and getting into trouble with the law. Follow this link of a good LOL.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is an openly proud gay man and has no qualms about his sexuality and he is, indirectly, helping break the social stigma that is constantly attached to a person being gay. The taboo topic to date is slowly opening up with more and more states in the United States legalizing gay marriages. Gay or not, we are all still human beings and what rights do someone else have to denounce your rights and attach you with a label because you are what you are. The mass media is an excellent platform to promote such causes as such bloggers hold significant influence in society.

He also outrightly criticizes those celebrities who are too thin, and I suppose its a good cause and it promotes the right thinking and mentality amongst his younger readers that being stick thin shouldn’t be encourages. However, there is always two sides to a coin. Once a celebrity packs on a couple of pounds, they are deemed to be too fat and overweight and spiraling out of control into depression. And in fact, they look HEALTHY. Like normal human being would look.

Fat? I beg to differ

Would you consider Christina Aguilera (pictured on the left) has been consistently under fire for being fat after she got a divorce and just because we may be used to seeing her a little smaller than she is now, doesn’t mean she is FAT! Heck, she looks like how your everyday woman would look like. Confident of her curves. Our personal prototypes of how someone should look should be based on what we see everyday and not an unrealistic one that we are exposed to everyday in the media. Stick thin models like Kate Moss gracing our screens and posters is just unhealthy for the youths of today.

So, why it is said that what is showing on air is a representation on what or where s society is at today and how we perceive things. Then why is it that there is still so much negativity out there in the media and the huge disparity between men and women in many industries today?


22 thoughts on “Where Them Girls At

  1. Yeah, i believe one of the most dangerous result of mass media is the over portrayal of overly thin women, thereby setting an imaginary boundary to beauty and the likes. Boundary that isn’t need, nor proved – just simply there. Disorders spurred from these beauty magazines can be detrimental is there isn’t someone to guide the girls through the absorption and understanding of the line between beauty, and plastic. No judgement here, because fashion demands a whole different set of beauty than life – which is clearly not what anorexics have in mind.

    1. Agreed. It is the bane of the mass media today. Girls today are getting skewed images of what they should be and how they should look like. they constantly think they are not thin enough and not pretty enough that they undergo extreme measures to make sure they are are what society demands them to be. they have a warped looking self glass that tells themselves they are not good enough.

      Its so true what you said, that fashion demands a whole different set if beauty than life. Hopefully soon, the days where stick thin models will be gone with the wind.

  2. Reality television has affected world so much without people even noticing it. Other than the shows you’ve mentioned in your post, other shows that spurred people to act in ways that are just demeaning are like the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Joe Millionare and countless other reality match making cum Dating shows.
    They seem to encourage the idea that love can be treated like a game, that finding that special one is only a matter of testing as many potentials out and narrowing them down one by one.
    Or that love is rewarded by that cash reward that comes at the end of the show. That all girls need to do is to doll up, and seduce a guy for one season of a television show to be successful.
    Like the modelling world, this kind of realty television distort people’s perception of reality, changes their perception in subtle ways that can be very disturbing.

    1. Its so sad that people lives now run on television, on degrading reality tv that is made to entertain at the expense of another. the value of being a human being is being plummeted to the sink holes.

      why are we letting such show with disgusting concepts run our lives today?

  3. Yeah, I agree. Superficiality is being taken to a ridiculous level, but human nature depends on at least some superficiality, doesn’t it? First impressions are made based on superficiality. Judgements are made based on superficiality, and I think it’s all part of human nature. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s just gonna disappear. We can learn tolerance, but I don’t think we can ever stop ourselves from judging.

    Ever watch Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”? Remember the scene at the end? The Joker placed bombs on two boats – one full of civilians, and the other full of prisoners. The Joker gave each boat a detonator and ordered them to blow the other boat up, or they would all die. Now, remember the part where this big, scarred, behemoth of a prisoner (Tiny Lister) walks up to the warden, looking all imposing, and demands the detonator? Instead, he took the detonator, threw it out the window, went to a corner, and began to pray with his friends. I believe Nolan said in an interview that the purpose of that scene was to make people see that no matter how liberal they thought they were, they would still judge by first impressions and appearances.

    1. i agree that its inevitable that our human nature seeks out superficiality initially and that first impressions really do count. however, we need to make a conscious effort to look for something that transcends superficiality. For instance, the first impression of a person is often based on our own stereotypes of how he or she looks but in actual fact, they may be far from what they seem to be. We tend to be lazy to look beyond the surface to find out what someone or something really is before passing a judgement and its really saddening.

      Chris Nolan really proved a point in the dark knight about stereotypes and how he anticipates the audience would expect the outcome to be but he debunks this age old stereotype very well. kudos to him.

  4. I agree that the media created double standards. When celebrities are fat, the fire on them. When they are thin, the blast on them. How do we know what is acceptable? I guess we just have to be more confident about ourselves.

    I also think that it is bad to introduce kids to beauty pageants at such a young age. It will influence them and make them more narcissistic too. Do we want our kids to grow up battling eating disorders?

    1. the message that the media is sending is really confusing. its like a double edged sword. what you said really makes sense. celebrities are constantly being flagged for being too skinny and when they put on some weight, they are once again not let off the hook. what are they telling to tell young girls? it is really confusing for girls growing up and struggling to find an identity. it is really hard to be confident in your own skin when the whole world is constantly telling you what you should be. Even though one wants to be confident, it is an uphill battle and some might say that we are arrogant in a way.

  5. it’s sad to see how the media has taken over our lives. no one sees inner beauty anymore. it’s all about how you look. this brings about the worst in people where we feel insecure about ourselves. even those gorgeous ladies on tv also feel insecure about themselves. we have let society depict how women are supposed to be..

    it’s atrocious, seeing pageants for 8 years old, and even babies. they haven’t even learned how to walk, yet their parents doll them up and send them for these competitions. it really is sad that our society has become what it is. it is seen as a social norm for women to be subservient to the men. what they haven’t realised is how these actions affect the women..

    everyone thinks that this is alright.. it’s the “norm”.. no, it’s not.. and we should be very mindful of the way we act and portray ourselves.. no one can be happy with ourselves, except ourselves.

    1. i feel you. it is so disheartening that every relies on how one looks rather than how smart one is or how one may be beautiful on the inside. i don’t believe anyone is actually ugly its just how society defines as what they want to accept as beautiful. it leads to so much insecurities and i dare say, not just in girls but in guys as well. i remember reading somewhere that eating disorder cases among men are increasing quite rapidly as well just that there isn’t much being reported on it and not many guys who have the disorder actually dare to speak up.

      I think its high time we redefine what is the norm in society and stop sending the wrong messages to not just young girls but also guys as well. and there should be some sense of control on what they are going to show on television. its simply ridiculous that toddlers are taking part in beauty pageants and their parents cashing in on such a atrocious venture for an 8 year old.

  6. Utter disgust is all I can say at this moment in time.
    I am so mad I cannot think straight!
    Just exactly who gets to decide what is beautiful and what isn’t?

    Yes, media is a really powerful tool, it helps create those notions of what is deemed beautiful. It has been ingrained in society and it is going to take a lot to alter the current mindset of the world.

    I say it starts with each and everyone of us.
    This is a shout out to everyone who reads this. Change will only come if you start to believe it is possible. For all the women out there, you are beautiful!

    1. the media is indeed an all powerful tool which all of us are victims to. why is it not alright to be happy with being what we want to be but having to conform to society all the time? its high time we put a stop to such a practice on the high emphasis placed on looks and everything superficial.

      i think today, an increasing number of guys are also falling victim to the media, not just women and this is really saddening.

  7. the whole idea of the the need to achieve beauty regardless of the price has indeed been a growing trend in the world. Every single individual in the world are so insecure with the way they look due to the models and celebrities that we are exposed to every single day. We are made to see ourselves as insufficient unless we succumb to the image of perfection, defined by Hollywood. Women especially, are more vulnerable to this as we are so self-conscious as to how we look and this hence makes it easier for us to be susceptible to this problem. And yeah, I’ve watched videos on Isabella Caro, the frail tiny woman deserves to be in a place that will treat her better than what she went through on this earth.

    1. but i mean who is who to define what is beautiful or not? we are constantly plastered with endless images of stick thin models and what the media deems as beautiful. one season stick thin might be in and the next curvy women are all the rage. what sort of message are the girls getting? they will be thrown into confusion.

  8. im telling you, its a disgusting superficial world we have become. we inculcate the wrong values, we place importance on physical appearances more than anything in the world. sometimes i wonder if we’re going to do our kids more good than bad by allowing them to be exposed to a world like this in the future. it makes you question sometimes whats more important, a personality or physicality.

    1. thats why it is of utmost importance that parents of tomorrow should inculcate good values in their children from a tender age that they are beautiful no matter what others might say or how the media defines what beautiful is. and that what is inside, your personality and character is what makes you really beautiful. if we are able to achieve this feat, I’m pretty damn sure there will be a brighter tomorrow.

  9. Hey! I agree with you that notion of beauty that the mass media portrays is extremely superficial. Watching the video about Isabelle Caro reminded me of this book hat I read. It’s call “Unbearable Lightness” by Portia De Rossi and it details her experiences dealing with anorexia when she started modelling and subsequently acting.

    And the most shocking thing I found out when I was reading this book is that when a anorexic person is suffering from this “disease”, he/she doesn’t know it.Furthermore, when someone tells the anorexic person that “You’re too skinny!” the latter actually takes it as a compliment! Portia suggested that one should say “you look unhealthy” instead.

    I saw Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC and I’m stunned by the way the mothers behave! It seems that many of the mothers have been beauty queens in the past themselves thus making their daughters enter such contests. I find it absurd that a young girl (as young as 6 years old!) are made to wear layers of think cosmetics! What message is it then sending to them? That they are not beautiful enough but hey, I can buy my way into looking beautifully. Bullshit! And recently, there was also an article where a young girl (I think she’s younger than 12 years old) who asks for cosmetic surgery as her birthday present!

    Excellent post! Very thought provoking 🙂

    1. It is so disturbing to hear that people who are anorexic find ‘you’re too skinny’ a compliment! we should totally try to change that mentality that being too skinny is far from beautiful. its more than being skinny and piling on tons of makeup to make you beautiful. its far from going underneath the knife to make you more beautiful. how is piling on something man made onto your body makes you any more attractive? it is disgusting.

  10. Sad reality. There is nothing we can do to stop this social expectation. Especially on women, we are being judged on how well groomed we are or how good we should look on regular basis and sometimes we are also heavily influence by peers as well.

  11. Agreed, agreed and agreed! An excellent post! We are so caught up in the chase for physical “perfection” that we see in the media every day (and i don’t deny that i am caught up in it too) that it seems to be present in every little aspect of our lives. From our weight, to the type of clothes we wear, right down to the brands we carry- every thing is judged. And not by those around us but by ourselves. Which makes it even scarier.

    Also, the kids of today spend more time on the telly than doing any other thing like reading and are hence VERY exposed to this scene. My sister is 8 years younger than me and the difference between her childhood and mine is shocking. No more educational cartoons, games and books but more kardashians and megan foxes.

    What this would all finally lead to, i’m afraid to find out. What would the next generation be like??

    1. isn’t it just sad to see that what is define to be perfect is being warped by the media is such a way? It’s one thing to be caught up with it and other to fall victim to the banes of the media. Its is scary how an ideology from a land far far away like america can have such a huge impact on how we are judged by others on this tiny island we call home. superficial much?

      times have indeed changed and there is an increasing need to bring back what we had during our childhood!! growing up is supposed too be carefree and innocent! remember the days where we will sneak out after school to go to the playground? now kids (like your sister) rather head home and catch up the kardashians!

      maybe we need to redefine how we want our society to be like and the tough job lies heavily on the parents of tomorrow and they need to bring up their kids with the right mindsets and mentality like how we were brought up don’t your think?

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