new year’s eve

Its roughly 22 1/2h to 2012 and I guess its pretty surreal that on Sunday it will be ‘next year’ already.

Had a laughter-filled, hilarious dinner with a couple of my awesome JC mates and I can’t wait to meet up with them again! They are out-of-the-world hilarious and we do shitloads of stupid things together. ❤

Well, what have I done this year?

1) I’ve turned 21

2) ORD-ed

3) Took on a boring-as-hell-finance-job-which-i-hated, so that I can earn money for number (4)

4) Took a 3 week summer vacay in the amaaaazing U S of A (which i will NEVER forget)

5) started a new chapter in my education – University

6) Helped organize Risen Christ’s cantata for the midnight mass.

I guess I’m pretty much pleased with what I’ve done this year and that I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve been truer to myself this year more than any other and I guess that made me a happier person. I’m enormously thankful for my family and friends who were by my side this year and helped me in whatever way I needed.

They say once you pass your 21st birthday, time will zoom pass you so fast that you don’t even realize it. Well, its pretty damn true, given that I turning 22 in under 2 months and my 21st birthday is still vividly edged in my mind. Before I know it, I would have graduated from university and sooner or later I will be attending friend’s weddings and what nots. Well, one resolution that I can make in the year I turn 22 is perhaps, I want to pick up something totally new (horse riding, perhaps? would be fun! ^^). I guess that is one resolution I can probably keep to? Hopefully.

Well, I don’t ask for much. To be able to see my family and friends stay healthy and happy is perhaps most important for me. My grandparents have been in and out of the hospital this year more times than I can remember and I pray that their health will be all well and good in this coming year. Perhaps I should be more holy? In the sense of praising God and knowing God better, loving more and stop being so opinionated (well, a nicer word for bitchy).  And of course, to do well academically, which, for the record, I’ve never been able to excel in. NEVER. Aiming for at least one A in the coming semester but perhaps I should aim higher. As they saying goes, aim for the stars, because if you miss, at least you will land on the moon.

Here’s a Happy New Year to one and all! (: Have a great year ahead! Cheers!


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