hola 2012!

2nd day into twenty twelve and heres the new year post!

this year’s countdown for me was relatively different as i usually spend it at home or a friend’s place but this year, i counted down outside! i’ve never liked getting squished amongst the insane crowds in town, especially on new year’s eve. but we went to playnation and it was a cosy quaint atmosphere and we played mindless boardgames till it was time to countdown and pop the poppers! truthfully, i enjoyed the company more than the act of counting down to twenty twelve. (i’ve never gotten the point of counting down AT ALL. other than its gives another reason to drink!) stayed at playnation till about 2am-ish and we left.

after playnation, ven, liang and myself decided that it was too early to head home on new year’s and we wanted to take a train down to clarke quay but once we got to the train platform, we found that the last train had left. so, we walked, yes. WALKED all the way to clarke quay. Bought not-so-chilled beer from seven-eleven and sat by the river and talked about many things over drinks. had macs breakfast and by the time we stepped out of macs, it was a new dawn, a new day. the first sunlight of twenty twelve.

it was an eye-opener to see the aftermath of the entire nation counting down, leaving the streets looking like an abandoned city straight out of silent hill or a zombie infected town from resident evil. it was lined with thrash (mostly macdonals packaging), the result of excessive drinking: vomit, and mynahs, crows and pigeons feasting on the scraps on the streets. you got to sympathize with the people who have to spend new year’s day cleaning the immense mess that inconsiderate party-goers made the night before.

well, as we all embark on this brand new year, I’m sure we all have renewed dreams and aspirations and hopes for ourselves and for our loved ones. let’s take twenty twelve by storm and who cares if its the end of the world? Bring it on!


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