6 jan finally came and went by in a flash. 10 months after i ord-ed, i found myself back in camp for a briefing for an upcoming event which was a total waste of time i swear. the difference was that i was no longer an nsf but an nsman! but nonetheless, donning my smart 4 actually brought back a tidal wave of feelings and emotions from my ns days with my platoon mates. an immense sense of pride and a rustic nostalgia gust of air rode over me.  it was the good old days where there wasn’t much to worry or fuss about, where we all worked towards a common goal of eventually ORD-ing, no matter how much shit was being thrown at us in camp. now, with school and all that is going on in live, i somewhat miss the simplicity of army life. sometimes, when we look towards something with such zest, once it lands in out hands, we somehow find ourselves at a loss of what to do next or what to expect in our days ahead and plotting our charter, known as life.

Purple light, in the valley. that is where i want to be. Engineers, best companion. With my rifle and my buddy and me-e-e!

since a few of us had to return to camp today for the briefing, a group of us decided to head to sunset bar and grill for dinner since we wanted to have buffalo wings. since the briefing ended early, we headed to town to meet a couple of our friends before heading back to sunset. in our smart 4, we attracted stares and turned heads of shoppers and passerbys as we walked through 313. like, excuse me? have you not seen people in greens before? get a life! we settled at the happiest place on earth: STARBUCKS, where we sat and talked for a couple of hours before leaving for sunset. 

when we eventually got to sunset, it was an adventure in itself. we took the bull  buffalo by its horns and attempted to make our way in the remotest ends of seletar. well, it turned out not to be a very good idea as it wasn’t long before all iPhones were whipped out frantically searching for directions. we ended up having a mini-road trip within seletar and we found ourselves driving around in circles. BUT we finally was certain that we were at the right place, but the restaurant was no where to be seen and so we decided to ask the security guard who was stationed out of nowhere where the restaurant was and he said we were at the right place but sunset shifted to somewhere else within seletar. at this point of time, we were all starving and have been driving in seletar alone for a good half hour. we rendezvous with the other car and decided to give one last chance at finding sunset, but needless today, it was less than fruitful.

it called for PLAN B. Buckaroo @ Sembawang! it featured our buffalo wings so, why not?? we ordered our own mains and of course, the protagonist of our dinner, we started with level 2 wings!

Onion Rings!!
Buffalo Wings!!

quickly came to a conclusion that there was no kick with level 2 so we upped our game and ordered level 5, which was greeted with a ‘you sure?’ reply from the waiter and we gamely took on the challenge. we all took a piece and one by one took a bite and the looks that appeared on our faces were priceless. we were all, at that moment, overwhelmed by the sheer power it packed. we downed cup after cup of water, devoured the few celery sticks and sour cream, basically tried anything to sooth the raging fire burning in out mouths. After cooling down, I decided to de-bone the wing and took on the challenge of eating the entire wing in one mouthful with two other friends and surprisingly, it didn’t turn out as bad as we thought it would have. the only after drawback was that our throats were screaming in anguish from the chill flakes clinged on to. level 10 anyone? ^^

Level 5 Challenge

it was a great meet up and *thumps chest twice* “bros for life* -chessy much?-

and heres looking forward to our ‘operation’ in march! chiong ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



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