No more Mr Nice Guy

Just had to get it off my chest. 

Its so tiring to be the one who is giving and giving and giving and never receiving. I guess its fine when everything pans out well but when you’ve been planning and doing everything for everyone and they don’t appreciate it, that’s when it starts to get pretty damn annoying. Im not upset but rather pissed that people can do such things at the very last minute and I have to appear all nice and act like everything’s fine when inside, I’m its more like a raging sea.

It is not easy to coordinate, plan, book or what not for multiple people. They expect you to text them to confirm details when they don’t promptly reply text messages. Like hello? Do you think I have nothing else to do? What gets more frustrating is that after the plan has been finalized, they tell you I want this, that and its all for the wrong reasons! 

I’m really giving up trying to help plan and coordinate and having to put up all these nonsense behavior and attitude. No more Mr Nice Guy who helps you get all these dirty work done.


One thought on “No more Mr Nice Guy

  1. Aww..I know that feeling. Seriously,I know how much you feel like punching the person in the face when they back out last minute. And what it makes it worse is when they’re not even guilty about it!
    Seriously Jeff,don’t be too nice. Next time,if at all you’re planning or part of it or something like that,just give them a piece of your mind. Be a bitch dude. Trust me,helps a bit! 😛

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