525 600 minutes on

The very first day I set foot into UB I’ve got to be the loneliest soul there and then. Yupp, I didn’t know anyone nor did I have any friends that are enrolled in the same intake as me. Not being a fan of small talk and coupled with the fact that I was still reeling in myself from the effects of jetlag, it took me awhile (okay, a very long while) before I decided to start interacting more and talking more. If not, it would have defeated my purpose of going for orientation so that I would have friends to work on projects on with.

But now, 525 600 minutes, one year on, I’m very grateful and privileged to have made the friends I have made, the people that I have worked on projects with, burnt countless hours rushing COM101 report the night before our presentation day, making things work in COM225, coming up and carrying out our campaign for COM231, the crazy-ass COM240 research paper that drove us crazy till the night before submission, my all-time favorite module – Nonverbal Communication with Mark Frank and countless hours mugging the night away are pieces of Year 1 that I will NEVER forget. These pieces forge together for a memorable experience yet.

Looking forward to the future two years left in school, I have dreams of what I want to achieve, things I want to do. I know that Year 2 will probably get harder and harder but I’m thankful for the friends that I have around me, to pull through together whatever may come our way. Watch out world, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Along with friendships forged, naturally, some faded into the abyss, while others are waiting on me to catch up on. To quote the Spice Girls friendships never end ~

Well, here’s to looking forward to Summer Abroad next summer and definitely I will be UB bound in the Spring of 2014 and no one’s stopping me!


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