Army Daze!

Had a chance to catch Army Daze last evening courtesy of my dad’s friend who had extra tickets. Like ALOT. Heard pretty good comments about the show before but never actually got to watch it. Naturally, I had a high expectation from what I heard & read, and boy, I was not disappointed at all!!!

The stellar cast began the play a couple of minutes past 8 with the female sergent cheekily addressing the audience as recruits telling them to turn their mobile phones to silent mode or off them. It chronicled the journey of BMT and the ups and downs of the life of a recruit. Army Daze managed to smartly intertwine today’s pop culture into the 2 hour long play with references the current phenomenons like Oppa Gamman Style (*rolls eyes* super annoying song but got to give it to them since its so catchy) and our beloved celebrity maid, Leticia’s counterpart which saw the entire cast dressed in drag for the maid scene. Hilarious stuff!

Leading the stellar cast is Chua Enlai (LOVE him!) and the auntie Lucy guy (can’t remember his name), he played a kiasu, kiasi mother of a recruit which was SPOT ON. Of course, the five featured recruits are simply amazing – Malcolm, Kenny, Ah Beng, Krishna, and Johari.

All in all, it is a fantastic play about the Singapore culture that only a thoroughbred Singaporean Son will understand, something that a foreigner will not simply get. Sometime close to the hearts of Singaporeans. A MUST WATCH!!!



In other news, I have RED HAIR NOW!!! :DDDDDDDDDD



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