to infinity and beyond!

10 year plans. Something that probably many of us have thought of at some point or another.

Well, five years ago, at a ripe old age of 17 in J1, I outlined for myself a 10-year plan. Before I knew it, here we are in 2012, halfway through the supposedly 10 year plan I had. It is interesting to see how much I have changed over the years and I’m totally not at a place where I wanted to be in 5 years ago. Probably I can safely say I’m much happier doing what I’m doing now compared to what I wanted to.

Now, I have a whole new vision for what I want for my future, a whole new set of the ten year plan which I think probably will head in a totally different direction from what is being painted in my mind.

Well, for me, its all or nothing. Dream big and reach from the moon. If you fail, at least you’ll still land amongst the stars and not back on earth.


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