Avenue Q!

And so, the first part of my epic weekend started with Avenue Q on Thursday! The 22nd longest running broadway show in history definitely didn’t disappoint at all! A couple of friends and I bought dress circle tickets and I was excited for the show to start! Well, it was of a totally different genre of the previous two musicals that I’ve watched at MBS so far (Lion King & Wicked)

The 2.5h long show did not disappoint at all! What I loved about this musical was that it was very tongue-in-cheek and that it dealt with many grown-up issues in a very child-like way. Many bigger issues that we all faced were somehow addressed without making it seem too heavy for a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek musical. For instance, the show opened with a poke at what does one do with a BA in English and what job can he possibly find with a stable income.

Of course, the cast was STELLAR, least to say. I was amazed at the ability of the main cast! You might be thinking why so, right? But what was amazing is that the main cast handled multiple roles. Multiple opposing roles! For instance, the person who plays Kate Monster is the same person who played Lucy the Slut and these two character’s characters are on the polar opposite ends! Same for the person playing Princeton and Rod. Not to mention the supporting cast, who gets the occasional spotlight, ain’t too shabby as well!

There were quite a few cute video scenes as well! Like the part that they wanted to illustrate a one night stand they counted down from “5 nightstands (literally a nightstand) >>> 1 nightstand >>> one night stand. LOVE IT. and to countdown to the intermission, they played a video counting up from 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 which at the beginning left the audience bewildered but once the number reached “15” the entire theatre let out a collective “ohhhhhhh”. Brilliant! One last point, when Lucy the Slut landed in hospital, the life line, instead of the normal human “ups and downs”, her was in the shape of boobs! Hilarious!

It was a truly memorable night with those cheeky puppets!


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