Every Singaporean Son

061012 – My younger brother has passed out from Basic Military Training and has become a trainnnnnnnned soldier! Couldn’t have been prouder of him! The significance of the event brought back many memories of my very own passing out parade, more than THREE years ago! How time flies! My batch was the last to have our passing out parade on Ladang Parade Square on Tekong itself. The countless rounds we marched around Tekong, compared to the scenic route taken now from East Coast into the heart of the city. So much have changed.

It was far from a glorious, bright and cheery morning as the night skies never gave way for the sunlight to shine through. The heavens teased us with a slight drizzle which prompted the army people to go into frenzy checking out the weather and soon enough, they were handing out ponchos to everyone. Right on cue, the skies opened and it literally rained on our parade. NOPE, it did not deter anyone from cheering on their son, brother, boyfriend, or friend.

Back to the parade, as nostalgic as it was for me, bringing back the days of my BMT and my platoon and section mates, the entire parade was an obvious wayang. When you can hear the marching song, Training to be Soldiers, blasting over the PA system as a mp3 track, how real can everything get? But then again, its the Singapore Army. Only complain that I had was that there was simply too many companies passing out in a single parade and the marching in/out/pass was way too long!

Of course, the POP wouldn’t be complete without the BMTC ROAR! : 


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