one twelfth.

And everywhere you are to go 

My hand will follow you; you will not be alone

In all the danger that you fear

You’ll find me very near, your words my own

and so, just like that, January has already become a distant memory. well, im not complaining as it means i’m that much closer to being UB bound. the thought of living alone (without my family) for a year 15,000km is exciting and scary all at the same time. leaving everything behind would be bittersweet.

so much has happened in 2012 and the lessons learnt will never be forgotten. incidents that happened, friendships that were forged, mistakes that were made, all impacted me one way or another. it changed my outlook in life and i have a different priorities now. i am in a unique situation and the realignment of what is important to me and accepting that the only approval that i need is mine.

its scary how fast time passes you by. turning 23 this year but remotely feels anywhere near that age.  i mean, how do you learn or know how a 23 year old should behave or should have accomplished? society doesn’t teach you that for sure.

am i to have lofty ambitions at this age of what i want? sure i do have dreams and aspirations but sometimes i really doubt it can come true. what do i want to be in 10 years time? how bout 20? many a times i wish i was better at something, be good at something, be this, be that but you just feel you fall flat on all levels. 

people might tell me “oh you’re good at this” but what exactly does it mean to be good at something? inside, i always feel that its a mediocre thing to be good at. i want to be great at doing something that matters. something that not many people can easily do or be good at. well, i don’t know what it can be at this point in time or maybe it hasn’t passed me by yet but i sure hope as hell that i could.

well, when life throw lemons at you, you make lemonade out of it and sell the crap out of it.


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