Moral of the Story

One very important lesson that I’ve learnt this year so far is to be 饮水思源. It’s read yin shui si yuan, which basically in Chinese means to always remember your roots. One particular incident made me realize that the higher you climb, be in the corporate ladder or even on a grassroots level, the allure of the power and prestige that comes with the position makes you (un)intentionally aloof.

We all have to start of somewhere, nobody is born with a silver spoon (unless you’re that fortunate). We all have to work to get what we want. It doesn’t hurt to be nice to others, even though you might have received shit before. It’s always better to have one more friend than an enemy. Always remember you once had to start off at the beginning too, and now that you’ve made it (or so you think), it wouldn’t cost you to lose any cells in your body to be nice to others. Knowing how shitty those times might be, you can make someone’s life much better with a simple gesture.

I know this ain’t rocket science or a groundbreaking moral or lesson to learn but it is always good to go back to basics in no matter what we do.


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