Quarter-life crisis, make a bucket list of places to visit.

Obviously, this list naturally excludes The Big Apple. (DUH)

Oh Sweet New York
Oh Sweet New York

1) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Well, I’ve not been not many countries in Asian, much less Southeast Asian countries. Naturally, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Long Bay and everything in between would make this shortlist of places to visit! Also, having heard so much about this country, it is imperative that I visit this Southeast Asian country. All that pho, COFFEE and sights – I can’t say no, right!

2) Budapest, Hungary

Partly, I was inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel, which intrigued me enough for me to google and what a glorious image search for Budapest popped up. I’m quite a sucker for bridges, somehow they fascinate so much, for a reason I have yet to find. The Hungary Chain Bridge was all over google when I searched for Budapest and I fell in love with it. This historical city has only 100 buildings higher than 45 meters which is due to legislatives to preserve the historic cityscape!

3a) Machu Picchu, Peru

I’ve always wanted to visit this Incan wonder in the Andean mountain range ever since I was forced to learn about it in a World Civilization class in college. Once I began learning more about the culture and people that built this city, an appreciation and fascination for this majestic city grew and grew. When I studying in the US, I wanted to visit so badly but didn’t have the chance to. But, one day, I will.

3b) Mayan ruins

I’m going to sneak this in here. Just because it’s relatively close to Peru? I mean, the Mayan ruin is a classic and I could not possibly leave it out of my list, right?

4) Istanbul & Pamukkale, Turkey

Image: GoTurkey
Image: GoTurkey

A country that straddles both the European and Asian continents, it has to be bursting with culture, food and history. Istanbul is literally at the heart of all the action – making it a must go-to country. Moreover, if the WTA hosted the prestigious year-end championships where the top 8 women in the world compete at, Istanbul must be doing something right.

Pamukkale – this southwestern province of Turkey, whose name translates to Cotton Castle, is a hot spring haven. Just look at the cascading pockets of hot springs against a blanket of cotton. A little slice of heaven on earth.

5) Colorado River Region, USA

Do you really expect me to leave USA out of this list? No way José! Having been a geography nerd in school, I’m a sucker for things as such: volcanoes, rock formations and mountains. The Grand Canyon still tops my list of natural wonders I’ve seen but I would love to visit the Colorado river region and take a hike through it. While I’m at this, there’s still the Death Valley, Yellowstone that I would love to visit.

6) Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I had to include this magnificent, ancient City of Temples on my bucket list. This gem of Southeast Asia exudes the grandeur befitting of a monument steeped in history, religion and royalty. When a country’s flag has one of the most famous monument right smack in the middle of it, you better be smart about it and visit it. Also, I need to visit more SEA countries!

7) Japan

Image: National Geographic
Image: National Geographic

Oh, the Land of the Rising Sun. This city boy needs his dosage of modern, fast-paced life and where else to look (other than the godly New York City?) – Tokyo. The hustle and bustle, the bright neon lights and endless city life are just what I am looking for. A big city, with a completely different culture and lure from New York – I can imagine Tokyo capturing my heart. Of course, there’s Kyoto, Mount Fiji and the endless fresh sashimi, sushi, udon and mochi.

8) Rome, Italy

Image: World Celebration Blog
Image: World Celebration Blog

The heart of Catholicism, my soul longs to be in the Eternal City. 9) Iceland

Image: National Geographic
Image: National Geographic

Obviously, the best vantage point to catch the awe-inducing Northern Lights HAS to be on the list. All I have managed to do is to ogle at this picturesque sight vicariously on Facebook when my friends visit Iceland. And then you have the snorkelling where you only get to straddle between the North American and European tectonic plates at the same time (need to feed the geog nerd in me ok).

Where the North American and European tectonic plates meet
Where the North American and European tectonic plates meet

Don’t get me started on the hot springs and SNOW. SNOW I LOVE YOU.

10) New Zealand

Image: Travel New Zealand
Image: Travel New Zealand

Besides the run-of-the-mill Lord of The Rings filming sites to visit in a country where there sheeps outnumber humans by 7:1, I stumbled across a small village in a South Island of New Zealand, Punakaiki. Well, what so special? There’s this rock formation, affectionately known as Pancake Rocks. I mean, with my MAD love for pancakes, New Zealand, you had me at Pancake. Let’s see how far I can go with this!

p/s: hit me up if you’re game for any of the above 😛

peace out jeff


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